Instagram Capitalists if you build it they will come


Remember when Google was just a search engine? Upon launch, it was already the best. Sites like AltaVista and Yahoo! had struggled to become the leading search engine, but none could compete with Google. Even after ‘Google’ became a verb, average users still wondered how the company planned to turn a profit on their obviously […]

How to Improve Your Blog’s SEO


SEO is a sophisticated technique that can have a powerful impact on traffic. As search engine algorithims become ever more advanced, however, it is essential for webmasters to have a good handle on how to improve the techniques in practice on their sites. Utilizing the following tips, blog owners can easily improve their understanding of […]

Blogging and You: A Guide to Penguin Proofing Your Content

blogging and you

Society has come a long way in communicating one’s thoughts, opinions and emotions. Whereas before it was the omnipresent diary and journal that kept little girls awake at night while reminiscing the sight of their childhood crushes and young adults harping on their current relationship statuses and angst in life, it is now the world […]

Types of SEO Packages and Their Features


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is quite a big business these days. The business is gaining importance on a consistent basis and thereby, is experiencing a rapid growth. Numerous SEO packages are being offered by many service providers for various businesses from different fields. While choosing an SEO company, what you definitely need to keep […]

Top 4 Smartphone’s That Every Blogger Must Try


Smartphones were first released in 2009, when they were stated to be the modern form of laptops in our palms. Most suited for businessmen who were usually on the go, smart phones were loved for everyone. They had been craving for until less expensive models came to the market which greatly effected the sale of […]