How to get quality content for your blog?

Quality Content

No GURUS stress the importance of quality content for your blogs, less. Any blog your read, Problogger, Yaro Starak's blogs or, the daily blog tips, the stress on quality content is the material for one of the posts. Read any marketing ebook and the you will find the mention of "Quality content" there as well. […] Read More


5 Plugins to secure your WordPress Installation


Do you really need to secure your Wordpress Blogs? Funny question, ain't it? At least I thought otherwise and hence never bothered to secure my blogs. I felt that my blogs were invincible and that nothing could happen to them. I was mistaken. Terribly mistaken....! For those of you who are regular visitors to my […] Read More


Identifying buyer keywords


What are buyer keywords? The foundation of Internet Marketing is "KEYWORDS". Any internet marketer without a list of good keywords is like a chemistry lab without chemicals. That's a funny comparison, isn't it? I know that the comparison is funny indeed. So let me put it this way. Internet Marketing is a BIG FLOP if […] Read More


Tips on selecting a hosting service provider


My blogs were down for the past few days.... I was frustrated and I tried calling up my hosting service provider to check what the problem was. I realized that I had not direct customer service number to call them on. The only option was to write to them by creating a "support trouble ticket". […] Read More


WordPress Wizard 2.0 – Learning to maintain WordPress Blogs

Wordpress Wizard

Are you new to the blogging world? In case you are, then let me ask you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on your skills with Wordpress. Read on as you rate yourself. You may even take the vote that you see here. [poll id="2"] When I started blogging about 3 years back, […] Read More


Building backlinks – Dofollow commenting at blogs


Backlinks!!! This is a topic that almost all bloggers would have written about and you might have read about. But none of the techniques that these bloggers and Internet Marketing Gurus give actually works. Blame it on the "NoFollow" tags everywhere. Nobody is willing to give you a backlink and you are tired of trying […] Read More


Getting rid of Procrastination…My Guest blog

Rid of procrastination

What is that one thing that stands in between you and your goals? It's not a difficult question to answer, right? Procrastination, it is! It is probably the simplest things to get rid off, yet we are unable to. Even today, there are days when I do this. At the end of the day when […] Read More


Choosing a product to promote at Clickbank

How to Choose Clickbank Products

Are you an affiliate marketer? How difficult do you find selecting a product at an affiliate network? I agree to the fact that it is often very difficult to find the best product available to promote. The end result is that you choose a product that is not worthy enough and you end up loosing […] Read More


Keyword Elite 2.0 review – Did you buy it?

Keyword Elite 2.0-Small

I am sure that by now your mailbox would have been flooded with mails trying to sell you the latest Keyword research tool in the market - Keyword Elite 2.0 from Bryxen Software by Brad Callen. You might have dodged all of that emails by doing a shift delete because you were fed up of […] Read More


Blog promotion techniques – Getting a backlink

Links building

Traffic - is what drive as a blog. Irrespective of why you have started blogging, your blog can only be successful if you know how to promote it and Promotion in turn means traffic and that too, a lot of it. How can your drive traffic to your blogs or, for that matter your websites? […] Read More

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How to avoid Junk Duplication in RSS feeds


If you are blogging to promote a business or service, or to build your reputation in your chosen career field, you already know the importance of frequent postings. How do you get those blog postings on a regular basis without running out of content? Some bloggers have used RSS feeds to fuel their blogs. It […] Read More


Make Money Online by Building Momentum


The past month has been a very successful one for my online business in terms of traffic going up, number of new affiliates going up, and money in my pocket getting heavier. This really inspires me because after admitting to being lazy about my business over the hot summer months, I am just slowly starting […] Read More

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4 ways to get new ideas to blog about

Blogging Ideas

Are you feeling as if your ideas have drained out? Are you finding it hard to come up with topics to blog about? You are probably a victim of the "Power-Cut" syndrome. Don't worry, it is not the name of a disease and you do not have to go and consult your physician about it. […] Read More


Instant paying affiliate programs – Quick Make Money Tips

Instant Payment

How many such affiliate programs do you that can pay cash instantly into your PayPal account? You need not answer me. Just try to count them on your fingers and you won't even be able to reach your fifth finger. Most affiliate programs have a definite pattern of payment. They do not pay you instantly […] Read More


Google Wonder Wheel – The wonder tool

Google Wonder wheel

Google Wonder Wheel is one of the latest features introduced by Google. There are quite a few interesting things that you can do with the Google Wonder Wheel. I have tried to show one of its uses in this video. This is the first video I am doing for this blog. I would do a […] Read More

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