WordPress Image upload error – Troubleshooting

Wordpress Image error

Are you using Wordpress for your blogs? Wordpress is an amazing CMS and publishing platform especially if your are into blogging. No Content Management Solution is as smooth and easy to use as Wordpress and add to it the numerous functionality that Wordpress offers and you have a killer tool to publish. But it is […] Read More


Performancing Metrics – Knowing your stats

Monitoring Blog Statistics

What is the keyword that has given your blog the highest hits so far? At first when I started blogging, my objective was to read as much material as possible, learn from them, set up my blog and start monetizing them. After only the first week of setting up my blog, I saw visitors coming […] Read More


5 Steps to being more productive in blogging


How many times have you experienced a shortage of time in managing your blogs? When I started blogging and I entered the world of Wordpress, I was overwhelmed with the options that Wordpress offered. There was so much that I could do. Everyday I would login to my blog with the intention of writing a […] Read More

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The Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Affiliate Theme by Unique Blog Design

Are you struggling to get your affiliate website up and running? The most difficult part with newbie internet marketers is keyword research. But there are a lot of tools and books that can help you do this. Once you are through with Keyword Research, come the next most difficult aspect. This is to get your […] Read More


Twitter introduces Twitter Lists

Twitter List

Twitter List - the latest addition to Twitter. Are your using Twitter to promote your business? Do you think it is worthy enough to be used? Twitter has been a part of my promotional strategies since I joined it in June last year. Twitter was a less know phenomenon then. But by the time it […] Read More


Membership Site Mastermind reopens

Membership Site Mastermind

I had once earlier written about Yaro Starak's Membership Site mastermind. You can read that post here. Yaro is very particular about the way he runs his membership courses. He only admits a few people to his course and then closes it for the rest of the year. This time round he has made an […] Read More


How to get quality content for your blog?

Quality Content

No GURUS stress the importance of quality content for your blogs, less. Any blog your read, Problogger, Yaro Starak's blogs or, the daily blog tips, the stress on quality content is the material for one of the posts. Read any marketing ebook and the you will find the mention of "Quality content" there as well. […] Read More


5 Plugins to secure your WordPress Installation


Do you really need to secure your Wordpress Blogs? Funny question, ain't it? At least I thought otherwise and hence never bothered to secure my blogs. I felt that my blogs were invincible and that nothing could happen to them. I was mistaken. Terribly mistaken....! For those of you who are regular visitors to my […] Read More


Identifying buyer keywords


What are buyer keywords? The foundation of Internet Marketing is "KEYWORDS". Any internet marketer without a list of good keywords is like a chemistry lab without chemicals. That's a funny comparison, isn't it? I know that the comparison is funny indeed. So let me put it this way. Internet Marketing is a BIG FLOP if […] Read More


Tips on selecting a hosting service provider


My blogs were down for the past few days.... I was frustrated and I tried calling up my hosting service provider to check what the problem was. I realized that I had not direct customer service number to call them on. The only option was to write to them by creating a "support trouble ticket". […] Read More


WordPress Wizard 2.0 – Learning to maintain WordPress Blogs

Wordpress Wizard

Are you new to the blogging world? In case you are, then let me ask you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on your skills with Wordpress. Read on as you rate yourself. You may even take the vote that you see here. [poll id="2"] When I started blogging about 3 years back, […] Read More


Building backlinks – Dofollow commenting at blogs


Backlinks!!! This is a topic that almost all bloggers would have written about and you might have read about. But none of the techniques that these bloggers and Internet Marketing Gurus give actually works. Blame it on the "NoFollow" tags everywhere. Nobody is willing to give you a backlink and you are tired of trying […] Read More


Getting rid of Procrastination…My Guest blog

Rid of procrastination

What is that one thing that stands in between you and your goals? It's not a difficult question to answer, right? Procrastination, it is! It is probably the simplest things to get rid off, yet we are unable to. Even today, there are days when I do this. At the end of the day when […] Read More


Choosing a product to promote at Clickbank

How to Choose Clickbank Products

Are you an affiliate marketer? How difficult do you find selecting a product at an affiliate network? I agree to the fact that it is often very difficult to find the best product available to promote. The end result is that you choose a product that is not worthy enough and you end up loosing […] Read More


Keyword Elite 2.0 review – Did you buy it?

Keyword Elite 2.0-Small

I am sure that by now your mailbox would have been flooded with mails trying to sell you the latest Keyword research tool in the market - Keyword Elite 2.0 from Bryxen Software by Brad Callen. You might have dodged all of that emails by doing a shift delete because you were fed up of […] Read More