DKSP EP01: How to Create and Setup a High Quality Private Blog Network

private blog networks

Okay! So its finally up and I am happy to introduce you all to my Podcast show - the DKSpeaks Podcast. I have been thinking of starting this for some time now, but have had to defer it due to multiple issues. But finally, I was able to resolve all of it and get it […] Read More


Thrive Leads Review – Building Beautiful Lightbox Optin Forms

thrive leads review

Did you notice the new guest who welcomes you on my blog here? If you have been a regular visitor here, you would have noticed a few pop-ups and slide-in here and there on my blog encouraging you to take up one of the many free resources and courses that I have put together for […] Read More


February Blogging Report – Preparing for a Product Launch!

product launch

February was not a great month on the blogging front for me. I kind of ignored both my primary blogs - dkspeaks and bpodiary, as also my other niche blogs. The total number of posts that I did were as below: : 1 post excluding this one : None Other blogs : 4 […] Read More


How to Run a Successful Giveaway Campaign on Facebook?

giveaway campaign

  Facebook Ads Scars are yet unhealed! Many of you would agree with me that this is a fair statement. At least that is what I felt after having spent $500 on Facebook and getting a ZERO ROI. This is for some very specific campaigns that I ran and shouldn't be confused as an overall […] Read More


The Most Complete and Practical Social Media Checklist – Infographic

Social Media Checklist

Social Media is a quicksand! Do you agree? It is very easy to get caught in the Social Media web, just as you would get caught in quicksand. And once are you are caught in it, it is very difficult that you will be able to get out of it. One big problem that most […] Read More


Thrive Content Builder Review – Building Beautiful Landing Pages

Thrive Content Builder Review

Have you ever tried to build a landing page in your Wordpress blog? I am sure, if you were not on the Optimizepress theme or, one of the other landing page creator themes, you will have had a tough time doing that! Now, have you ever tried to create a funky little post with a […] Read More


Why You Should Focus on Video Marketing in 2015 – Infographic

Video Marketing Trends 2015

I have been a huge fan of video marketing ever since I started Internet Marketing. My first source of income was by creating simple review videos and uploading them to Youtube. I would promote all kind of affiliate marketing products from Amazon to Clickbank. I even promoted a few CPA offers and that gave me […] Read More


How to Improve Email Open Rates by Cleaning Your Dead Email List?


Okay! How much are you paying for your autoresponder services? What if I could help you reduce your auto responder service costs by almost 50%? One of the biggest expenses in an internet marketing business is on auto responder services. While you might get services that might charge you cheap, but that will be at […] Read More


Guest Posting for Traffic – Invitation for Guest Posting with DKSpeaks


Have you been guest posting? I'm sure until about three months back you would have been spending a lot of your time in writing guest posts in order to get back links to your website. Guest posting has been one of the biggest sources of getting back links to blogs. There were a lot of […] Read More


How to Create Viral Images to Share on Social Media Sites?

create viral images

How do you make Google love you? That is probably the question that each one of us is would be asking ourselves. As we get close to solving it and finding a solution to it, Google quickly changes the game by changing their algorithms and we once again start on our search. But in all […] Read More

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16 Influential and Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers

women entrepreneurs

Women have always been called as "Home-makers", thanks to all the work that they put in to make your house a "HOME". It is hence that it becomes even more important to give out a standing ovation to any women, who has made it big in Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial success for women has to be measured […] Read More

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3 Blogging Mistakes That I Learnt From 357 Days of Goal Less Blogging?

blogging mistakes

What was your biggest failure in 2014? That's a strange question. Isn't it? But it is in fact a very important question; a question that you should all ask yourselves. If you have only been cherishing your successes and never spent a few hours to critically evaluate your failures, you are over-looking a lot of […] Read More


The Eaten Alive Phenomenon in Internet Marketing

farce marketing

Eaten Alive was a show that Discovery aired a few days back. If you follow the Discovery Channel, you would have seen quite a build-up to this show. It was supposed to be a 2-hour reality show aired on a Sunday evening where a guy, Paul Rosolie, who is also a wildlife conservationist, was to […] Read More


Best Black Friday Deals on Internet Marketing Products that You Don’t Want to Miss

black friday deals

I am not sure of the origin of Black Friday and the only information I have is what I got from searching on Wikipedia. One thing that I learnt from reading those long paragraphs on the wiki was that this was a day setup by businesses to increase their sales. And whatever the objective of […] Read More


Video WP01 – How to Install WordPress Complete with all the Essential Plugins and Themes

Wordpress Tutorials

And you thought you knew everything about how to Install Wordpress! Not to offend you. But in a minute you will start to thing if that statement was actually meant for you. Wordpress is one amazing platform. I still remember the time when I was not aware of Wordpress. I would spend hours coding each […] Read More