DKSP EP:23 – Types of Affiliate Marketing: Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Series – Part 1

types of affiliate marketing

What's the difference between CPA and PPL? Now that is a question that I get often in the emails that I get. In fact when I started off with affiliate marketing, this was the term that I was confused about the most. I didn't too much time into researching it and probably that is why […] Read More


Campaigns from Aweber – The Latest Feature and Your Biggest Reason to Switch Autoresponders?

campaigns from aweber

Did you read about the latest feature from Aweber? A few weeks back, I was reading a post at Pat Flynn's, Smart Passive Income on why he switched from Aweber to Infusionsoft to Convertkit. I was always a fan of Aweber and there were multiple reasons for that. In fact I had used Getreponse, Constant […] Read More


DKSP EP:22 – 5 Different Ways to use Periscope for Business

ways to use periscope for business

Are you on Periscope? It has become so common these days. Social Media channels get launched and suddenly there is a rush from marketers to make use of the latest thing in the market. Some work and yet others do not. We saw it with Ello and we also saw it with a lot others. […] Read More


Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic – Which one Should You go After: Marketers Speak!

free traffic vs paid traffic

What is your choice of Traffic - Free or, Paid? This is a question that I get very frequently in a lot of the emails that I receive. And while my preference is a combination of both depending upon what is it that you are trying to drive traffic to, I felt it would be […] Read More


DKSP EP:21 – How to Make Money Online Without Investment – Viewer Question

how to make money online

"How to Make Money Online without investment?" 90% of the people coming onto the internet to make money, come in with this question. In fact I was not any different. I still remember the first time I searched the internet on how to make money online. I ensured that I add "without investment" to the […] Read More


DKSP EP:20 – 10 Most Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes that You Should Avoid

facebook advertising mistakes

The Facebook Advertising Wormhole! It's something you can really get sucked into. And funnier is the fact that you will not even realize that you have just been sucked into a Worm hole. Facebook advertising is huge and it is becoming bigger and bigger each day. There are numerous products that are being launched all […] Read More


DKSP EP:19 – How to Use Facebook Video Ads Effectively for Your Business

facebook video ads

What was the one thing that you noticed about the videos that you see in your Facebook Newsfeed? Let me tell you! Facebook Videos in the Newsfeed autoplays but without sound. If you have not noticed it until now, you might want to go to your Newsfeed and check it out. With native videos turning […] Read More


How to Create Beautiful eCovers without any Graphic Designing Skills – ECover Authority Review

eCover Authority Review

"Never Judge a book by its Cover" That is right. You should never really judge a book by its cover. But the irony is that, it is the cover that makes the first impression about on you, about any book. Think about the last time you felt like buying a book at the book-stall. What […] Read More


DKSP EP:18 – Understanding Youtube Ads and Why you might just be doing it all Wrong!

understanding youtube ads

Did you try YouTube video ads yet? Youtube ads have become one of the most sought after form of advertising these days, thanks to all the promotions from the GURUs. Everybody is talking about Youtube ads and making money with it. But how many of you are really making money with Youtube ads? Youtube ads […] Read More


10 Best Video Editing Tools That Will Help You Create Professional Digital Marketing Videos

best video editing tools

What was the one niche in which you saw the most products being launched in the last 10 months? Did you say, VIDEO Marketing? Yes! Indeed it was video marketing. Video creators like Explaindio, Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch Pro have together rocked JVZOO and they continue to stay the top 3 all time […] Read More


7 Things that You Need to Know About How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographics

colors impacting conversions

What did you eyes first stick onto when you visited your favorite website the last time? ..And what color was it? Was it BLUE? If so, then you probably answered a question that a lot of people have. Why are links blue-colored? When you approach a designer to get a logo or, a website mockup, […] Read More


DKSP EP17: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Another Social Media Advertising Course

social media advertising

  What was the last internet marketing course that you bought? There is an 80% chance that it was a course to do with some social media advertising - most probably Facebook ads, and which promised you that you will make a ton of money, running these ads. Where did it end up? Did you […] Read More


DKSP EP:16 – Tips and Strategies to Build a Successful Solo Ads Business – Part 3

Successful SOLO Ads Business

Hello and welcome to episode 16 of the DK speaks podcast. This is part three and the final episode in building a successful solo ad business. In the last couple of episodes we discussed about some of the technical aspects of a solo ad business and what you need to do to build a successful […] Read More


Why Depending Upon SEO Could Make a Dinosaur Out of Your Website?

buying traffic

How much time do you spend on SEO for your website? SEO or, Search Engine Optimization is the single biggest horror for most newbie internet marketer. But that is also the single most reliable source of traffic for most of these newbies. Blame it on the way they are programmed or, all the numerous free […] Read More


DKSP EP15: How to Successfully Build a Profitable SOLO Ad Business – Part 2

SOLO Ads Business

Welcome to Episode 15 of The DKSpeaks Podcast. This is DK. In this episode we will be continuing with our discussion on Building a SOLO ad business. I am assuming, you have completed the actionables that we discussed in the last episode and you are ready with selling SOLO ads. One of the minimum requirements […] Read More