The only All-in-One plugin required for WordPress Blogs

trustjacker review

How easy is it to download and install so many plugins for your Wordpress blogs? I understand this is a question with an obvious answer, but still I thought I would ask it. Whenever I identify that I need a plugin for my blog and when I think of downloading it and installing it, I […] Read More


A Guest Post at


There are quite a few blogs that I continuosly follow because they are informative. A few blogs out of these have quality posts every week and is an inspiration for any blogger who is new in the blogosphere. I have been following these blogs since the time I came into Internet Marketing and these blogs […] Read More


Making money with simple mini video sites


Making money is easy. If you think making money is not easy, then you are at the wrong place. Because I believe that nothing is difficult. All that is required to look different and distinct is a bit of thought - thought at doing things differently. I can see that frustration and anger on your […] Read More


Why should Twitter be amongst your blog promotion strategies?


Should Twitter be amongst your blog promotion strategies? I am sure, Twitter would not be a jargon for anybody. It is a household interest these days. Everyone from Barack Obama to my gardener is a part of Twitter. Even if they don't tweet everyday, they still are a part of the revolution called as "Twitter". […] Read More


Bing – The Microsoft competition to Google


Finally Microsoft, it seems is ready for the competition posed by Google, with its launch of "Bing" - the search engine. What is 'Bing'? From what the email that I received today, Put simply, Bing is a decision engine that offers consumers a way to make informed choices fast. From shopping and travel to healthcare, […] Read More


31 Days to Build a Better Blog WorkBook by Darren Rowse

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Don't order "31 days to build a better blog" by Darren Rowse. It is a waste of money! Surprised! Are you? Don't worry, I am not an anti-problogger or, a Hate-Darren-Rowse activist. In fact I respect Darren Rowse and his ProBlogger blog very much. Darren has been a source of inspiration for me and my […] Read More


I Lost my Pagerank!


I lost my pagerank!! Did this happen to any of you out there? It was shocking to see that my website lost the pagerank that it had gained in the past 2 months, all of a sudden. I had worked quite hard to get the pagerank up there and suddenly when you see that you […] Read More


3 Tips to get the most out of Adsense


How to get the most of Adsense? A couple of days back I was browsing through a blog that I frequently visit and I found a very interesting entry about "Adsense earnings". The entry was bout the decreasing earnings from Adsense PPC ads placed in blogs. There were quite a few commentators who felt that […] Read More


A Free Course to Learn to Make Money Online


Have you heard of somebody teaching you to be as successful as he is for free. "Free" - There is nothing free in this world, might be your response. Even if somebody is offering something for free, he would never help you be as successful as he is. If these are your thoughts, then I […] Read More


3 Indispensable tools to make more money online


You have not made a dime from your internet marketing business since you started out on the journey. Is that you? Frustration is creeping into the mind and you are wondering as to what is it that needs to be done so that you earn that first dollar from the internet marketing business. Is that […] Read More


Creating an identity for your blog – The Logo


A simple tip that could give your blog a new identity - have you come across one till today. No? You are right, because there is none. The success of any business depends upon how you and your product is identified by your customers. When the competition is fierce as in Internet Marketing business, an […] Read More


5 Points to Effectively Build a Huge List


"The Money is in the List" - How many times have you heard this? Innumerable times! Is there frustration in your voice when you answered? You sound like me. It is the same frustration that I saw months ago when I was reading some good blog post on list-building, like you are doing today. Read […] Read More

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The Secret of a successful WordPress Installation


The success of your blog largely depends upon how well the blog is being managed. In one of my earlier post, I had compared Blogger and Wordpress. I had also mentioned that Wordpress was any day my choice. Though Wordpress installation is a cake-walk if you follow the world-famous 5-minute installation from Wordpress, there are […] Read More

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Your Blog Monetization strategy through Membership Sites-Part 1

Money Coins

How to setup a membership site and earn money from it? I often wondered at the way a membership site functioned. Though I was very keen on starting one, I never really had the confidence to start one. This was not because I was afraid of failure but because I was not completely aware of […] Read More


6 under-rated useful WordPress Plugins

Under rated

Wordpress can never be difficult. Even the newest of bloggers jumping onto the Wordpress platform would agree with me. Everything is so user friendly that in a day or two, you would start to feel as if you have complete control over your blog or, your website. Wordpress as a Content Management Solution is far […] Read More