DKSP EP10: Email Marketing Best Practices for Building and Managing a Responsive List

Email Marketing best practices

"The Money is in the List" is something that you hear the moment you jump into internet marketing and it follows you whenever and wherever you go. And the fact that every experienced internet marketer tells you that the money is indeed in the list, goes to establish the fact that your list is your […] Read More


How to Instantly Improve Your Website’s Page Load Times and Be Loved By Google!

page load times

Did you know that your website is getting about 11% lesser page-views because of 1 second? Page load times was included in the many other factors that influenced search engine rankings, in one the algorithm changes from Google about a couple of years back. With the recent algorithm update and Google giving even more importance […] Read More


5 Reasons Why Your Website is Invisible to Google and What You Need to Do About It!

why your website is invisible in google

You've been working on your website for months, honing your SEO skills and writing content like there's no tomorrow. So why are you not getting any love from Google? Or maybe you were seeing plenty of traffic from Google before, but that has suddenly dropped off dramatically. Have you wondered why your website is invisible […] Read More


DKSP EP09: Making Money with FIVERR – The Best Option to Start Making Money!

making money with fiverr

Before we get onto today's episode, I wanted to let you all know about a few changes that I am making to this show here. As per all the requests and suggestions that I received, we are moving to a weekly frequency from the next episode onwards. We are also changing the day on which […] Read More


Easy Sketch Pro Vs Explaindio 2.0 Video Creator – Which one is Better and Why?

easy sketch pro vs explaindio 2.0

Do You have a Youtube Channel Yet? If no, then it is time that you do that. Because 2015 and onwards is of videos. No wonder, Facebook and a lot many other sites have started to host videos. They did not want Youtube to take home all of the pie and hence started before it […] Read More


10.5 Social Media Tips to Build Your Social Media Following in 2015 and Onwards!

social media tips

What were the four sites that your spent more than 5 minutes on, in the last 1 hour? One of the sites out of these 4 will most likely be a social media site - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or, maybe even Ello! Attention span of an average internet user is decreasing and so is his […] Read More


DKSP EP08: How to Find Content Ideas for Your Next Killer Blog Post?

find content ideas

Welcome to Episode 8 of the DKSpeaks Podcast. Blogs thrive on fresh content and it is this fresh content that lies at the core of Blogging. One of the biggest reasons why blogs fail, after traffic problems of course, is the drought for fresh content. People start of blogging only to realize that after about […] Read More

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How to Build a Custom Landing Page for Your Blog Using Thrive Content Builder

building a custom landing page

What is the one thing similar in the following blogs - SmartPassiveIncome, Copyblogger, OkDork and Neilpatel? If you are still struggling to find out, then let me answer the question for you. When you visit each of these blogs, you don't land onto their blogs directly. I mean, you don't see a list of articles […] Read More


10 Absolutely Essential Tools You Need For Effective Twitter Marketing

twitter marketing

How Many Retweets did you get for your latest Blog Post? None! I am not surprised. Because I was no different until about 6 months back. I had almost 10K followers on Twitter which I had built about 3 years back. I did not turn to Twitter for the last 3 years primarily because of […] Read More


DKSP EP07: 8 Important Things To Do After You Have Published a Blog Post

blog post optimization

Welcome to episode 7 of the DKSpeaks podcast.  Some of you had sent me some feedback on my earlier episodes and had asked me to make this podcast a weekly affair. I just wanted let you all know that I am working on it and we might soon get in to a weekly frequency for […] Read More


Why Video Marketing is NOT Just YouTube Marketing Anymore!

Video Marketing

What is your biggest medium of Video Marketing? And pat comes the answer - YouTube! With an average of about 300 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube, about 4 billion hours of videos being watched per month and a whopping 6 billion video views per day, it is no doubt the largest source of […] Read More


5 Tips for an Effective Content Curation Strategy to Build Your Authority and Audience

effective content curation

You might have come across a ton of emails in the past few days, mostly from the big internet marketers.. all promoting a product called 100kfactory. While I have my reservations on these automated machines, this product looked a lot different from all these automated machines and factories. They held a webinar where they revealed […] Read More


10 Types of Visual Content That Can Bring Viral Traffic to Your Blogs

types of visual content

When was the last time you saw a beautiful quote on a nice background and browsed away from the page without clicking on it, sharing it or, liking it? Images are amongst the most viral content and with the advent of social media, engagement has shifted to visual content from textual content. The success of […] Read More


How to Remove an Unnatural Outbound links Warning from Google?

unnatural outbound links

I have been an advocate of a clean internet and hence almost always I practiced only white-hat and completely legal methods in my marketing business. While there were many who criticized every move of Google and their algorithm changes, I always felt that Google was doing the right thing. It was here that I somewhat […] Read More


DKSP EP06: How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google?

How to rank youtube videos on Google

In the last few podcasts we touched upon topics like social media, Private Blog Networks, Productivity etc. When I sent out an email to my list of subscribers about the podcasts, I got a lot of questions from them. One of the questions that some of my subscribers asked me when they got to know […] Read More