How to Install a Secured WordPress Blog in 3 Minutes Without Creating a Database!

how to install wordpress

Wordpress is one of the easiest scripts that I have ever seen. When I first used it about 8 years back, it was pretty basic, yet one of the best content management solutions you could find. And then, the famous 5-minutes install was the talk on the web. But, the fact was that the 5-minutes […] Read More


How to Drive Traffic to Your Blogs using Content Discovery Platforms?

content discovery platforms

What's Your strategy to drive traffic to your blogs? Organic traffic has died down, thanks to the many algorithm changes made by Google. Competition has increased manifold and everybody and his dog has a blog and wants to drive traffic to them. Backlinks don't work and neither is social bookmark link building. You keep refreshing […] Read More


Income Reports – Staying Inspired in Internet Marketing

income reports

I am a fan of Pat Flynn and his blog at the Smart Passive Income. His podcasts and posts were what motivated me to start my own podcasts and I enjoy reading every bit of the posts published there. Pat doesn't call himself a GURU. The tagline on his blog reads, "Let's See What Works". […] Read More


DKSP EP04: 5 Steps to an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

In this 4th episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast, we are going to be discussing about social media marketing and how to build a strong and effective social media marketing strategy. With Google coming up with frequent updates to their algorithm and with the increasing relevance to social media presence and social media signals, it is […] Read More


Business in a BOX Giveaway – FREE Evernote Premium License Giveaway

evernote premium giveaway

Starting an internet marketing business requires some basic tools and as the saying goes, "A Craftsman is only as good as his tools", the returns from your internet marketing business entirely depends upon how robust and good your tools are. In addition to all the resources like a good hosting, a reliable autoresponder etc. you […] Read More


Google’s Mobile Friendly Update and How to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

make your wordpress blog mobile friendly

If you have been updated with the recent developments in the Google World, then you might have heard of the latest update from Google. This was initially being called it as "#Mobilegeddon" and later changed it to "#april21# because they were rolling it out on 21st of April. #Mobilegeddon gave an impression of an impending […] Read More

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DKSP EP03: Your Questions on How to Create a High Quality Private Blog Network

Private Blog Networks

This is the 3rd and the final part in the "How to Create a Private Blog Network" series of episodes. If you haven't listened to the earlier episodes, I will recommend that you first listen to them to understand the details of a private blog network and how to set one up for you own […] Read More


3 New Features at Aweber and an Aweber Vs Getresponse Comparison

aweber vs getresponse

Have you seen the movie, "The Wrath of the Titans"? If you are wondering as to what this question has to do with auto-responders, then let me explain. The war of the auto-responders have been very similar to the war in "The Wrath of the Titans". Both the parties fight it out with all their […] Read More


DKSP EP02: How to Create and Setup a High Quality Private Blog Network – Part 2

Private Blog Networks

This is episode 2 of DKSpeaks Podcast and part 2 on creating and setting up a High Quality Private Blog Network. In the last show we discussed some critical aspects and points that you need to keep in mind when setting up a Private Blog Network or, PBN. I got a few questions from some […] Read More


7 Social Media Statistics That Will Get You Thinking on Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media statistics

How confident are you with your social media strategy? As social media started to gain importance and Search engine started relying more on your presences on social media to decide your authority and the authority of your website, social media statistics started to get more attention. Stats was everywhere on the internet and people were […] Read More

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DKSP EP01: How to Create and Setup a High Quality Private Blog Network

private blog networks

Okay! So its finally up and I am happy to introduce you all to my Podcast show - the DKSpeaks Podcast. I have been thinking of starting this for some time now, but have had to defer it due to multiple issues. But finally, I was able to resolve all of it and get it […] Read More


Thrive Leads Review – Building Beautiful Lightbox Optin Forms

thrive leads review

Did you notice the new guest who welcomes you on my blog here? If you have been a regular visitor here, you would have noticed a few pop-ups and slide-in here and there on my blog encouraging you to take up one of the many free resources and courses that I have put together for […] Read More


February Blogging Report – Preparing for a Product Launch!

product launch

February was not a great month on the blogging front for me. I kind of ignored both my primary blogs - dkspeaks and bpodiary, as also my other niche blogs. The total number of posts that I did were as below: : 1 post excluding this one : None Other blogs : 4 […] Read More


How to Run a Successful Giveaway Campaign on Facebook?

giveaway campaign

  Facebook Ads Scars are yet unhealed! Many of you would agree with me that this is a fair statement. At least that is what I felt after having spent $500 on Facebook and getting a ZERO ROI. This is for some very specific campaigns that I ran and shouldn't be confused as an overall […] Read More


The Most Complete and Practical Social Media Checklist – Infographic

Social Media Checklist

Social Media is a quicksand! Do you agree? It is very easy to get caught in the Social Media web, just as you would get caught in quicksand. And once are you are caught in it, it is very difficult that you will be able to get out of it. One big problem that most […] Read More